The collection of work focuses on the pressures put on women to fit into the ideal body weight that society has portrayed. In the work, I show my body in tense poses to create the illusion of being thinner than I am in reality. 

Imperfections are a series of black and white studio portraits with soft focus creating external and internal viewpoints. There is a delicate, beautiful aspect to the on the pressures of society have on women. 

Through the series of work, I bring to the light that there is an inescapable reminder to women, that they are not ‘perfect’ in accordance to society and with the rise of ‘Thinspiration’ in social media. 

My inspiration for this body of work is to be a reminder for people although, in the media the idea for women to be a current size is being pushed out. The idea of how society wants a woman to look like is still engraved into women’s thinking. 

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